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For 2022-2023, we offer in-person lessons in a specially designed studio space as well as online & hybrid lessons. For online, we offer several options including low-latency platforms that provide the closest possible experience to being live in the studio!

We provide the highest quality award-winning instruction: vocal lessons, coaching, and performance training in classical, musical theatre, and popular styles for students young & old, at all levels from beginner to professional, plus RCM. You don't need to be an advanced singer to join us – the only requirement is an interest in singing and the desire to learn & improve! What is advanced is our personalized approach and dedication to detail, within the framework of a stimulating, serious, yet also fun learning environment that challenges each student individually to grow and develop their skills.

Unlike some vocal studios, at OVA we don’t audition or select only the most obviously talented individuals who come to us. While indeed we can and do help both working & aspiring performers to excel and achieve their long-term goals, we are equally motivated to help individuals with more modest apparent skills develop and grow, too, and to help those who may have little (or no) vocal background but have a strong desire to add music into their lives in a way it may never have existed for them before. We realize that not everyone aspires to become a soloist, so while our open door policy has regularly uncovered 'diamonds in the rough’ who decide to take up performing on some level, we're always happy to help people who simply want to discover their voice & sing for their own pleasure.  

"Whether your goal is a professional career, performing in the community, joining a choir, just being able to sing in the shower without scaring the dog, or anything in between, we welcome you! "

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Current & former students have appeared on stages all around the world, performing both as solo artists and with groups ranging from local amateur to the highest levels of professional, and in every genre from popular styles to musical theatre to classical. Among the many venues in which they have appeared are Carnegie Hall & Lincoln Center in New York City. If you would like to learn more about some of our studio success stories, click the button below and select "In The World":

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festivals & competitions

Studio members regularly excel in music festivals & competitions including the Ottawa Kiwanis Festival, OMFA Provincial Music Festival, FCMF National Music Festival, & Musique-jeunesse [Québec], & Advanced students have also excelled in international competitions like the Metropolitan Opera Auditions. Numerous placements & honors achieved include Classical Open, Diploma, & Age-level titles and Open & Age-level Musical Theatre solo & duet titles at the OMFA Provincial & Ottawa Kiwanis Festivals, both Open Popular & Open Classical titles at Musique-jeunesse, and placement at FMCF Nationals. To learn more, click the button below and select "Festivals":

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We guide high school students wishing to apply to university performance programs though the application process, selection, preparation & coaching of audition repertoire, and making of audition recordings as required. We also advise the student in how to present themselves & what to expect on audition day and after. For those wishing to attend university in Ottawa, David is an Associate Performance Instructor at Carleton University, where he has enjoyed great success in guiding students through the Bachelor of Music programs in Classical, Musical Theatre, & Popular Voice. To learn more & see a listing of some of the programs students have been accepted to, click the link below:

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Royal Conservatory

At Orléans Vocal Academy, we provide comprehensive support in preparing for Royal Conservatory (RCM) and Canada Conservatory performance exams, including repertoire selection & preparation, ear training, and vocal & repertoire coaching, and as a result students have performed very well in these examinations. Our team members can also provide the student with instruction in Music Theory, guide them through a self-study program, or refer them to an outside instructor who can provide them with more advanced instruction in preparation for RCM Music Theory or History co-requisite examinations.


we provide

  • Vocal & Performance Training

    Aside from skill development, benefits include increased confidence & mental alertness, reduced stress, improved audience connection, and better posture.

    An Open Door Policy

    We welcome students at all levels from beginner to professional, dependent only on available space in our schedule.

    Professional Coach Accompanists

    For recitals, auditions, & performances, our professional accompanists provide coaching & collaborate with students, building a solid musical foundation.

  • A Safe, Inspiring Environment

    We provide a safe and welcoming environment for students from beginner to professional to learn & grow. Our instructors have all been thoroughly vetted, including background checks.

    Repertoire (Song) Coaching

    We provide highly skilled professional coaching in all styles, Classical, Musical Theatre, & Popular, including languages, vocal styling, interpretation, & other elements.

    University Audition Preparation

    We guide the student through all elements of the application process. David is also an Instructor at Carleton University. To learn more, see “University” in the “Our Studio” section.

  • General Audition Preparation

    For auditions from school & amateur to professional, we provide guidance in all elements including repertoire selection, presentation, how to dress & what to expect when you walk into the room.

    Festival & Competition Prep

    Organization of all the elements of preparation for participation in festivals & competitions. For Musical Theatre, that includes costuming, staging, acting, choreography, etc.

    RCM & Conservatory Canada

    We provide comprehensive support to those students who desire to perform these exams, including repertoire selection & preparation, ear training, and vocal & repertoire coaching.

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Our goal is to provide the best possible vocal & musical training and experience in a safe, challenging, inspiring environment.

david macAdam

vocal teacher & Performance Instructor

Develop your vocal, musical, language & performance skills on your way to becoming a complete singer in any style.
Read David's Full Bio Here
Visit David's Artist Website

Joanne Moorcroft

Pianist - Vocal Coach (Classical)

Develop your musical, language & performance skills on your way to being a confident performer!
Read Joanne's Full Bio Here

Larry Tarof

Pianist - vocal coach (Broadway)

Develop your musical, stylistic, and all-around performance skills for Musical Theatre, Jazz, or Popular styles.
Read Larry's Full Bio Here
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Alumni & Current Students

"I began working with David when I was 11 years old, a young, bright eyed singer who wanted the stage to be my life - but I had no idea how to get there because I was crippled by low confidence and stage fright. David did more than teach me to sing: he taught me to think better of myself, and to use my talents to fuel my self esteem and self worth. I studied with David for 8 years, and in that time, my academic grades went up, I was a soloist in my school choir, the lead of multiple plays & musicals, and ultimately was accepted to Canada’s most prestigious university for music studies, McGill University, from which I received my Honors Bachelor of Music in 2017"
Allison O'Brien,
Alero Events & Marketing; McGill University (BMus)
"I started studying with David at the end of High School, continuing through the Bachelor of Music Program at Carleton University and beyond. I think very few voice instructors understand the human voice as well as David. Having since worked with some of the top teachers in NYC, I still to this day consider David to be one of the very best. I highly recommend him!"
Nadia Petrella,
Professional Opera Singer; Manhattan School of Music (MMus) & carleton University (BMus)
"My time spent studying with David MacAdam was a crucial part of my development as a young  artist.  My high school years in the Arts Canterbury Vocal Program at Canterbury High School were spent in developing my vocal & musical skills at a vocally appropriate pace which kept me on track for my future endeavors."
Noah Grove,
Baritone , Glenn Gould School of Music
"David Macadam is a wonderful teacher who takes his time to really get to know his students, and makes it clear that he cares not only for his students' learning but their physical and mental well-being, too. To many of us he is not only an instructor but also a friend, confidante and sometimes even father-figure. I've studied with him for two years and cannot believe how much my singing has strengthened and improved. I can't wait to see what the future holds for me as a singer."
Rebecca Eagle,
Soprano , Carleton University Music Program
"This will be my fourth year taking singing lessons with David at the Orléans Vocal Academy. Having regular lessons made me realize that prior to working with him I was actually lacking in proper vocal technique and the knowledge of how to properly take care of and preserve my voice. Since I began working with David I’ve noticed significant improvement in my vocal range and musical capability, and every year I feel more and more confident in my performances. I’ve been able to achieve wonderful things thanks to him. He’s very supportive and involved with his students and only has our best interests at heart, and I really appreciate that."
Isabelle Mainville,
Popular/Contemporary Singer
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